CAPEC's Anniversary Events


CAPEC Turns 20

To mark its 20th anniversary, CAPEC and Mason students, will co-host a series of events celebrating 20 years of bringing awareness to Asia-Pacific. We invite you to join us.

RELIGIONS OF ASIA | April 21 | 5-7pm | HUB Rm 2

The goal is to introduce the diversity of religions in the Asia-Pacific region and provide a platform for all to better understand and ask questions about major religious groups (Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam) and their role in promoting peace in the midst of a polarized world. Students will have the opportunity to engage in personal reflections while expanding their worldview.

US PIVOT TO ASIA | April 25 | 5-7pm | JC Rm C

The purpose of the event is to open a discussion of the U.S.’ foreign policy towards Asia, namely East Asia and Southeast Asia. Currently at Mason, there have not been much panels focusing on the Asia region; yet in reality, the U.S. has begun to pay more attention as well providing military and economic support to Asian countries. The event hopes to bring more attention to the general student body as Asia proves to grow more important in the future.

May 5| 7.30pm | Ctr for Performing Arts, Concert Hall

Together with the College of Visual and Performing Arts, CAPEC supports this annual cultural performance featuring artists from many east and southeast Asian countries. Dances, songs and musical instruments are presented from these countries to celebrate the Asian American Pacific Heritage Month.

April 12 | 11.30am TO 12.30pm | Global Center

Martial arts demonstration from three eastern countries are presented. They are Tai Chi from China, Akido from Japan and Muay Thai from Thailand.

While we hear a lot about these martial arts, we are not as familiar with their origins. In this demonstration, experts share the history of these martial arts and show us the key forms of their movements.

April 9 | 6.30pm | JC Dewberry Hall

CAPEC supports the Filipino Student Association (FCA) in presenting their annual PCN which is a musical play. The biggest thing that attendees will take away from coming to this event is intercultural sensitivity and they learn an understanding of the Filipino culture. The creative team of PCN would come up with themes that highlight the core principles of Culture, Diversity, and Family, which are important values of Asians.

Summer 2016 Courses

CHIN 325 Major Chinese Writers (Focus on Taiwan Literature)
MWF 7.00pm – 10.00pm
Instructor: Prof. Maria Yang

The course will present an overall picture of Taiwanese literature and its social value since the 17th century and also provide a general introduction to Taiwanese history and current society. Through understanding Taiwanese society and culture, students will grasp concrete appreciation of the literary works which reflect the writers’ inner voice during the different political ruling regimes.

Orphan of Asia bookThe course will cover several topics for discussion in the class, such as, race, identity, political voice and cultural differences through reading literary works by many selected Taiwanese writers.

HIST 387-B01 The Vietnam War
Thurs 4.30pm – 7.10pm
Instructor: Prof. Meredith Lair

This course will address America’s Vietnam War, including Vietnamese history and culture, French colonialism, American foreign policy in the Cold War, Chinese-Vietnamese relations, American and Vietnamese strategy, the antiwar movement, and the fall of Saigon.

The course will combine readings, lecture, documentary films, and discussions. Students will learn about the Vietnamese antecedents of the “American War” in South Vietnam; the origins of American intervention in Southeast Asia; the major strategies and events of the Vietnam War; and the conclusion of the Vietnam War. In doing so, they will develop understanding of global patterns and processes and their interaction with society; demonstrate understanding of the interconnectedness, difference, and diversity of a global society; and apply awareness of global issues to a consideration of individual or collective responsibilities within a global society.

Skills developed in the course include formal and informal writing, textual analysis, public speaking, and critical thinking.

Boat People of Vietnam War

Who We Are

CAPEC is an informal network of faculty, staff, students, university partners, and community friends committed to advance economic, cultural and social understanding of the Asia-Pacific economies through education and experiential learning for the Mason community.

We provide service to the university by supporting curricula and research development, exchange activities, cross-cultural events, student mentoring, and partnership building.

Our emphasis:

  • Build interdisciplinary linkages and partnerships
  • Support curricula development
  • Promote cross-cultural exchanges
  • Engage students and faculty in research and scholarship

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