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Inter-disciplinary Collaborations

CAPEC encourages an interdisciplinary approach to address issues concerning Asia Pacific. We facilitate cross-disciplinary collegiate and academic projects with a focus in Asia Pacific.

Curriculum Building

CAPEC is active in strengthening the Asian curriculum in GMU. Our leadership led to the creation of the Asia Pacific Studies minor and the introduction of Asian languages (Chinese and Japanese). We continue to work hard in this direction to enhance students' choices of study in this region.


Our past lecture series brought together faculty in GMU to share their research and knowledge. The goal was to encourage inter-disciplinary exchange and improve communication. After completed a round of faculty participation, we concluded this series and worked on ad hoc seminars with various departments. Topics included recent events such as the Asian financial crisis and North-south Korea reunification.


CAPEC sponsored conferences focus on the social, economic and political dynamics between Asia Pacific and the U.S.. We continue to examine current issues arising from the APEC economies and their impact in the U.S..
Recent conference on Korean economy and Korea-U.S. Economic Relations...

Visiting Scholar Program

Our CAPEC visiting scholar program invites intellectuals from the Asia Pacific region to GMU for scholarly and cultural exchange. So far, we have hosted scholars from China, Korea, and Japan.

Campus Activities

CAPEC supports and promotes activities that highlight Asia Pacific. We celebrate with the GMU community on occasions such as the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, International Week, Spring Festival, and others. We also welcome co-sponsorships of events with both the academic community and student organizations.

Academic Advising

Often, students approach CAPEC for guidance and advise in their course of study or projects pertaining to Asia Pacific. We either assist them directly or help them find the appropriate resources and/or faculty advising.


CAPEC published papers from the faculty lecture series and these are available upon request. We continue to look for opportunities to showcase scholarly work for the GMU community and others who are interested in this region.

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